How to Make the Only Summer Blanket You will Need this 2024

Hello maker! You found your way to the free crochet pattern for the All-around Summer Blanket (or Towel). Why all-around? Let me explain. This towel is perfect for all summer activities you are just dying to get back to! I mean, who else is eagerly waiting for the time when we can safely return to “normal”? Travel, outdoor events, lounging… these are all things I know I can’t wait to get back to. The All-Around Summer Blanket is everything in one: a beach towel, picnic blanket, travel yoga mat, wrap, decorative throw, and everything in between.

Note: This post will alternatively use different words such as blanket, towel, mat to describe it only because it depends on it’s use. For pattern purposes, the official name is All-Around Summer Towel, however I like to call it a blanket.

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How to use the summer blanket

I am all about less is more. Versatility and functionality are my best friends, Heck, throw in cost efficient and we are having a party! When I first designed the blanket, I was leaning more towards a beach towel or a beach mat kind of vibe. Ultimately, destiny did what she does best and filled my mind with visions of what that yarn wanted to be.

Beach Blanket and Beach Towel

crochet beach towel on a sandy beach with a hat and sunglasses on top of it
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Imagine, laying on the beach and the warm sun beating off your skin. The waves are crashing to the shore and you hear people laughing, music playing, all around you. The smell of BBQ fills the air. You open your eyes and look out to the ocean. “it’s time for a dip” you say to yourself. You hop off of your summer blanket throw your sunglasses on it and walk to the water. Moments later you return. You grab your sunglasses and pick up your blanket to give it a nice wave. The sand flings off of it and you wrap the blanket around you to dry yourself off. The cotton soaks up the water almost instantly and you wrap it around your waist and head to your car. Today was a good day.

Travel Yoga Mat

girl doing yoga on a crochet mat
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It’s time for the annual family vacation. Everything your family needs is packed up and you are read to hit the road. You settle in the passenger seat and open your Kindle to pick up where you left. It’s starting to get chilly but that is okay, your summer blanket is right behind your chair and you reach back to get it. The blanket feels so nice in your legs now and you can get back to your book.

The Air B’n’B looks spectacular. You see the mountains and the water out the living room window and soak in the view. “I am lucky and blessed” you think. Taking a deep breath in and letting out a breath of gratitude you unfold your summer blanket on the hardwood floor of the living room. You take off your shoes and step on the mat then settle in to child’s pose. Today was a beautiful day.

Living Room Throw

crochet throw on a chair
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It in mid-July and the doorbell rings. “Coming!” you announce and rush to the door. It’s your best friend and she comes bearing gifts – and by gifts I mean two bottles of your favorite wine. You hug and lead her to the living room where you hop on the couch and immediately divulge in juicy gossip. As you are pouring the first glass she gasps “oh my gosh! This is beautiful!” noticing the detailed portion and tassels on your summer blanket “where did you buy it?”. You hand her the glass of wine and say “I made it!”. “No way!” she says and wraps herself in the blanket. Today was a fun day.

Outdoor Wrap

crochet blanket hung on a tree
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It’s been a long day full of adventures and you are returning to camp after a long trek. As somebody gets the firepit going, you head to the tent to change shoes. Your feet are aching, but the good kind of ache, the accomplished kind of ache. A phone is vibrating and you rummage around to find it, it’s your mom. She is worried because you were out of reach for several hours and you explain there was no reception on the trail.

A half hour goes by as you tell her all about the waterfalls you trekked to and river you dipped in. After the call you grab your summer blanket and head to the firepit. Your friend hands you a drink and you give each other a little cheers before you sit down and snuggle next to them. You wrap the blanket around the both of you and lay your head on her shoulder. The fire feels warm and friendship feels light. Today was a triumphant day.

Picnic Mat

crochet picnic blanket on the ground with a book opened on top of it
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Today’s the day! The first outdoor event in over a year! As a matter of fact, you can’t even remember the last time you went to an outdoor event. You throw everything you need into a picnic basket and head off to the park. There are so many people and you are happy to see everyone has enough space to keep a safe distance. You walk around, looking for a familiar face and see your friend from yoga class. It feels so good to see people again and you are feeling overwhelm with joy and relief that things are finally getting a little back to normal. There is a space 6 ft away from your friend and you pull out your summer blanket from your basket. It is just the perfect size for you to relax on, you open a book and wait for the show to start.

After a few minutes the chatter calms down as someone gets on to the outdoor stage. The arts were hit hard during the pandemic and you feel happy to support this live outdoor play. You lay your book down on the summer blanket and open a can of pop from the basket. Let the show begin. Today was a new day.

Now, do you see why it is the Ultimate Summer Blanket?

Okay, now that you know exactly what went through my mind when I was making the blanket, it is time for the good stuff! The best thing about this whole design is that it is beginner friendly and easily adjustable. Meaning, literally any skill level could get their hands on their very own crochet summer blanket.

A crochet blanket for beginners usually means there is a lot of repetition of basic stitches. This pattern uses basic stitches that create a beautiful detailed design that makes all the difference to turn a basic crochet blanket to a modern boho-chic crochet blanket. Simple but pretty, my kind of style!

Care for your summer blanket

Make sure to go over the care instructions on the label of your yarn beforehand. If you chose to use Lion Brand Yarn’s Comfy Cotton Blend like I did, this yarn is 100% machine washable. Cotton yarns in general are almost always machine washable. Please note, refrain from using FABRIC SOFTENER when washing any sort of towel. Fabric softeners actually decrease towels’ ability to absorb moisture.

All-Around Summer Towel Pattern

Are you a visual learner? To get the ad free pdf version of this pattern with pictures you can find it here on the site or in my Etsy shop here.

For the Crochet Kit which includes the pattern and all the yarn you need find it here.

Materials for the towel

summer blanket uses
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Ch 112+1

Row 1 – into the second ch from the hook, sc in each st until the end of the row (112 sts)

Row 2-4 – ch 1 (counted as one st), sc into each st until end of the row. (112 sts)

Gathered Row Sequence: Total of 12 rows

Row 5-7 – ch 1, sc into next 9 sts, ch 7, skip 7, sc into next 5 sts, ch 7, skip 7. Sc into the next 54 sts. Ch 7, skip 7, sc into the next 5 sts, ch 7, skip 7, sc into the next 10 sts (84 sc and 28 ch = 112 sts)

Row 8 – ch 1, sc into next 9 sts, ch 3, gather the three rows of dropped stitches and sc, ch 3, sc into the next 5 sts, ch 3, gather the three rows of dropped stitches and sc, ch 3. Sc into the next 54 sts. ch 3, gather the three rows of dropped stitches and sc, ch 3, sc into the next 5 sts, ch 3, gather the three rows of dropped stitches and sc, ch 3. , sc into the next 10 sts (112 sts)

Repeat rows 5-8 two more times.

Row 17 – ch 1, sc into next 9 sts, ch 7, skip 7, sc into next 5 sts, ch 7, skip 7. Sc into the next 54 sts. Ch 7, skip 7, sc into the next 5 sts, ch 7, skip 7, sc into the next 10 sts (112 sts)

Row 18 – 23 – ch 1, sc into each st until end of the row. (112 sts)

Gathered Row Sequence

Repeat *17-23, Gathered row sequence* 13 more times.

Row 282 – ch 1, sc into next 9 sts, ch 7, skip 7, sc into next 5 sts, ch 7, skip 7. Sc into the next 54 sts. Ch 7, skip 7, sc into the next 5 sts, ch 7, skip 7, sc into the next 10 sts (112 sts)

Row 283 – 288 – ch 1, sc into each st until end of the row. (112 sts)


Cut 224 15” strands.

Instructions 1.Fold one strand in half. 2.Insert your crochet hook in the corner stitch and pull the middle of the strand through for about an inch. 3.Move the remaining part of the strand through the loop and pull tight. 4.Repeat in each st on the edge. 5.Gather 7 strands and tie in a knot or lace through a bead. 6.Repeat until the end of the row. This should make 16 tassels.

Finish the summer blanket off however you please and there you have it!

You might be interested in another crochet pattern using similar weight yarn. This is the Eva Summer Crochet Top which might just be the perfect pair for your new blanket! Click on the image to get to the pattern.

crochet summer top
Click to get to the pattern

I would love to know what you do with your blanket! Let me know in the comments below. Make sure to hop on my email list for immediate updates when a pattern or creative business tips go live, and join me on social @knitsandknotsbyame. See again my maker friend!



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  1. Hi, I love the sweet simplicity of this Ultimate Summer Blanket pattern it’s really working up beautifully. By following the pattern though, I think the numbering of the repeats is off. If you repeat rows 17-23, thirteen times you would be skipping all the pattern details of rows 5-8. From the pictures of the blanket I think you meant to repeat the sequence from * rows 5-8 (3 times per sequence) then rows 17-23 * 12 times. Then repeat rows 5-8, three more times and row 17 once more then finish with 4 rows of sc to match the beginning 4 rows of sc. The crocheters with some experience will be able catch this, but it would trip up a beginner working the pattern. Thank you so much for this awesome creation. I appreciate you.

    1. Nikki, thank you so much for catching that! I appreciate you too!! I’ll be sure to fix that for the post 🙂 thank goodness the paid versions are detailed by rows.

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