17+ Free Crochet Slipper Patterns for Red Heart Yarn

Have some Red Heart Yarn in your stash and want to crochet slippers? I have made a curated list of Free Crochet Slipper Patterns for your stash of Red Heart Yarn.

One of the most popular things to make with Red Heart Yarn are crocheted slippers. Crocheted slippers were actually among the first things I ever sold when starting my crochet business (oh the good old days). I had so much fun reminiscing those times while creating this curated list of crocheted slippers for you!

What could be more comforting than slipping your feet into a pair of handmade crocheted slippers on a chilly evening? If you’re looking to add some warmth and style to your loungewear, we’ve got just the thing for you. In this post, we’ll explore crocheted slipper patterns that will keep your toes toasty and your style on point.

I am going to preface by explaining that the patterns on this list do not use Red Heart Yarn but are perfect for you to make using your stash of Red Heart Yarn that we all happen to have at home (am I right?)

Why Red Heart Yarn for Crocheted Slippers?

Red Heart seems to always pop up when talking about crocheted slippers! I want to start this section off by saying that you do not need to limit yourself to just Red Heart Yarn for crocheted slippers and you can most certainly use any yarn you desire. 

But why do people often choose to use Red Heart Yarn? First off, I believe it is because Red Heart Yarn is one of – if not – the most common, accessible, and known yarn company. They are definitely a household name when it comes to yarn and can be found just about anywhere. They have major distribution in stores that competitor yarn brands may be limited in. For example, coming from Hawaii, when in Walmart or Ben Franklin’s (just about the only places to buy commercialized yarn) Red Heart is dominates the shelves. 

Red Heart Yarn is known for being cheap and affordable acrylic yarn with generous yardage like the Red Heart Super Saver line. It is also a known fact that the yarn is a little more crafty in nature and tends to work up stiff/ This makes their yarn a good choice for those larger projects and heavy wear and wash items like blankets, slippers, and toys. 

Here are the very first slippers I ever made over a decade ago and ironically with Red Heart Yarn too!

Okay, now that you know why people tend to use Red Heart Yarn for slippers, lets dive into my list to find your next free crochet slipper pattern.

Free Crochet Slipper Patterns to use your Red Heart Yarn Stash on

Remember you can us just about any yarn to make a pair of slippers. Making crocheted slippers are really easy and customizable to your foot size. This makes them very easy to make in different sizes and great gifts for friends and family.

1. Crochet Slippers by Knitcro Addict

These crochet slippers actually use bulky yarn with faux fur around the opening making it a super cozy pair of indoor footwear. The bulky weight yarn makes it a quick project that can be made in a couple of hours for quick crocheters.

Credit: KnitCro Addict

2. Fringe and Pompom slippers from Drops Design

I love love love these crocheted slippers! These are made using basic single crochet stitches but play around with colorwork and added embellishments like the pompoms and fringe to create a unique and fun crochet slipper. 

Credit: Drops Design

3. Santa Clara Crochet Slippers by Handwork DIY on Youtube

This video tutorial teaches you how to make beautiful crocheted flats with a pointed tip. This pattern is great for visual learners. Though the video is in Spanish, you can easily follow along and see how the shoe is constructed.

Credit: Handwork DIY via Youtube

4. Magic Slippers by Crochetdreamz

These crocheted house slippers are made in US women’s sizes 5-10 and are made with a simple rectangle! The slippers are made with worsted weight yarn and embellished with buttons. 

Credit: Crochet Dreamz

5. 2-Hour Slippers by Make and Do Crew

These are another pair of rectangle slippers with leather soles. These remind me of Toms shoes and what I love best about them is how their pattern includes kids sizes and larger sizes for adults too. I could see the finished slipper going well with little girls dresses and the best part is you can make it in different colors for every outfit and mood.

Credit: Make and Do Crew

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6. One Piece Slippers by Sirins Crochet

Another slipper design that plays around with color work and basic crochet stitches. The construction of these slippers are very beautiful and  I love how it is very easy to make yet looks complex. 

Credit: Sirens Crochet

7. Crocheted Loafers by Little Johns Yarn

I LOVE LOAFERS. Fun fact, crocheted house slipper loafers was one of the first things I sold when I started my crochet business. These are a lot of fun to make and can easily be made is and US shoe size.

Credit: Little Johns Yarn

8. Crocheted Shell Slippers by Crochet Dreamz

Another crochet slipper design by Crochet Dreamz which is absolutely gorgeous! I think using special stitches instantly elevates any design. These shoes slippers have beautiful shell stitches in the toe area giving it beautiful details.

Credit: Crochet Dreamz

9. Rectangle Slippers by Hooked On Homemade Happiness

These easy crochet slippers are constructed differently from the other rectangle slippers above. Unlike the ones above you can see the they have a centre split which I think is really flattering. They are made to open right at the ankle for a good fit. These are chunky crochet slippers made with bulky yarn and basic stitches.  I think this type of crochet slipper construction s the best choice for beginner crocheters who want to try their hand at wearables. 

Credit: Hooked on Homemade Happiness

10. Chunk y T-shirt Yarn Slippers with written pattern efforts by Fabart DIY  

These crocheted house slides are so chic! T-shirt yarn might just be the best yarn for crochet slides for a heavier yarn weight  and a great way to weigh down the chunky slippers that regular yarn cannot do. 

Credit: Fabart DIY

11. Crochet Slippers by Urbaki Crochet

This free pattern shares a video to make these gorgeous crocheted house slippers. They resemble classic slide in slippers with covered toes. I like how the chunky yarn makes it look so luxe and cozy.

Credit: Urbaki Crochet

12. Crochet Folded Slippers by I Love Crochet

Here is an easy to follow pattern to make crocheted slippers in all shoe sizes. I was pleasantly surprised to find these slippers as they resemble a relaxed loafer (like I mentions, I looooove loafers) almost like a clog because of the rounded shaping.

Credit: I Love Crochet

13. Rectangle Slippers by Naztazia

Okay! But how adorable are these rectangle slippers? I thin the color choice with the pompom just made it look so charming. It is kind of giving Tinker Bell right? You can add leather or anything for traction on the bottom of your slippers to wear them out because these are way too cute for just indoors. 

Credit: Naztazia

14. Blossoming Comfort Slippers by Taller Manual Peru

Specialty stitches are everything! Like I mentioned earlier, they instantly elevate any design and these slippers prove that! These crochet slippers mixes easy construction with flower stitches for a beautiful finish that makes the slipper look more complex than it actually is. The video is not in English however Crochet Beja’s blog has pictures and some written explanations for extra support.

Credit: Taller Manual Peru and Crochet Beja

15. Chukka Crochet Slipper Boots by Make and Do Crew

One of my favorite ways to make crocheted slippers and shoes are with actual slipper soles. The concept here is to use sole slippers and crochet onto them. Some great tips for where to buy  inexpensive slippers are at the Dollar Store or Old Navy. You will then remove the straps, and poke holes all around to attach yarn to start crocheting. This is the best way to make crocheted slippers you can actually wear out.

Credit: Make and Do Crew

16. One Hour Slippers by Kristi Simpson for All Free Crochet

If you are looking for quick and easy slipper socks this is definitely the pattern for you. These slippers are extremely simple and made to fit your foot like a sock.

Credit: Kristi Simpson for All Free Crochet

17. Ballet Slippers by Heart Hook Home

Made like sock slippers starting with a magic circle, these crochet ballet flats are stunning with the chain details.

Credit: Heart Hook Home

Now it is time to crochet some slippers!

Get ready to cozy up in style with these delightful free crochet slipper patterns you can make with Red Heart Yarn – or any yarn you have! So grab your crochet hook, pick out your favorite Red Heart yarn colors, and let’s get crafting! With these patterns, you’ll not only keep your toes warm but also add a touch of handmade charm to your loungewear collection. Happy crocheting, and may your feet always be cozy and content!

Want more free crochet patterns?

That’s all for now my maker friend! Remember, never miss a stitch by subscribing to my newsletter. See you next time!



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