47+ Amigurumi Halloween Crochet Projects to Make this Spooky Season (2023)

This post goes through some spooktacular amigurumi halloween crochet projects that are bound to be show stoppers in your home this October. These crochet projects are great to have our for your Pinterest inspired Halloween party.

It’s that spooky time of year my friends and it is time to get those stitches in! I love Halloween and watch horror movies all year round! I especially like seeing everyone getting so creative, decorating their homes with creepy DIY crafts and yards that make children giggle and run! Halloween is really one of the fun days of the year.

I curated this list of free and premium crochet projects to kick start your Halloween celebrations. These patterns are great for all crochet skills, simple stitches, and with step by step instructions. It’s time to meet your next spooky project! Happy Halloween!

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These patterns requires you to change colors. See my post about how to seamlessly change colors in crochet to get that flawless transition.

Black Cats

What is Halloween season without black cats? Cats are a fun addition to cute halloween decoration and can be placed all over the house. Here are some black cat patterns and also other cat patters that would be cute to try with black yarn.

  1. Halloween Amigurumi Cat – Olga Khoklova
  2. Crochet Halloween Cat – Tarturumies
  3. Crochet Cat Garland – Rupinder Kaur
  4. Crochet Alley Cats – Stripey Blue

Trick or Treat Bags

More crochet rather than amigurumi but still a necessity for the spookiest night of the year. Stand out this Halloween when taking your kids trick or treating with these unique candy bags.

  1. Crochet Skull Candy Bag – Yarnspirations
  2. Crochet Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bag – Loops and Love Crochet
  3. Halloween Bag Trio – Highland Hickory Designs
  4. Frankenstein Trick or Treat Bag – Sewrella
  5. Crochet Pumpkin Drawstring Bag – Sigoni Macaroni

Voodoo dolls

Crochet voodoo dolls are a perfect addition and are so much fun to make halloween night extra spooky! The best part? You won’t be cursed with this one haha

A voodoo doll is a perfect crochet project and great decoration to make a room a little more creepy if you like to make your guests feel a tiny bit scared.

  1. Crochet Voodoo Doll Pattern – Monster Hook
  2. Voodoo Doll Patterns – Toys by Elif
  3. Owie the Voodoo Doll – Hello Yellow Yarn

Crochet pumpkin patterns

Crochet pumpkins are really quick decorations you can whip up right at the start of the fall season. These pumpkins can be made in all different colors and different sizes. Like, come on, who doesn’t like a good tiny pumpkin? These can also double as a punpkin toy for little baby hands to hold for the season.

Replace trinket bowls with adorable crochet pumpkin pots.

Pumpkin basket to put sweet treats inside while you enjoy horror films with popcorn on the couch.

  1. Little Rustic Pumpkin – Yarn + Chai
  2. Crochet Pumpkin Pot – Hooked on Pattern
  3. Crochet Decorative Pumpkin – Gulcan Volkan Duran
  4. Gourd Pumpkins – Winding Road Crochet
  5. Amigurumi Pumpkin – Sirin’s Crochet

Spider webs

Giant spider webs are great decorations to have around the house or on your front door.

  1. Crochet Spider Web Pillow – Hooked by Kati
  2. Crochet Spider Web Garland – Urbaki Crochet
  3. Crochet Half Spider Web – Crochet it Baby!
  4. Crochet Spider Web – Autumn Craft Designs

Bonus: Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies, Kids, and Adults

Okay, so I had to throw these in here just for fun because baby costumes are insanely cute that beginner and advanced beginners can do. Here are some fun patterns you can try this halloween.

  1. Crochet Baby Turtle Costume – Stitch11 – Sweet and adorable crochet costume that is also great for those newborn photoshoots
  2. Crochet Baby Yoda Costume – Bee Mine Costume – Quick and easy crochet costume for a baby that cannot get any cuter.
  3. Crochet Baby Bat Costume – Love Life Yarn – This little bat costume is too cute!
  4. Crochet Anna Crown With Hair – Yarn Hooks Needles – save tons of money and make your own crown and wig for your little one with this pattern
  5. Crochet Cupcake Costume – Repeat Crafter Me – Okay! This is absolutely amazing and a for sure show stopper/ conversation starter when you are out this Halloween
  6. Crochet Anna Costume – Lace and Whimsy – for a more complete Princess Anna Costume

Blanket Patterns

Blankets are not necessarily amigurumi but they are perfect additions to your home this season!

Jolt the Halloween spirit in your household and replace a couple of your throws with these Halloween afghans. Holiday themed blankets are also a great gift for housewarming, heirlooms, and for those kids (you gotta know atleast one!) that is obsessed with Halloween!

Here is a list of the best halloween crochet patterns for blankets:

  1. Haunted House Blanket – Lovable Loops
  2. Halloween Crochet Blanket – Hooked on Homemade
  3. Crochet Pumpkin Patch Blanket – Repeat Crafter Me
  4. Covered in Cats Afghan – Evelyn and Peter Crochet

Plushie Toys and Amigurumi dolls

favourite cartoons or movies. A popular one here is anything Harry Potter. My good friend Lee Sartoni made this magical book filled with amigrumi projects based on the wizarding world (tip, these could also double as a fantastic Christmas gift or an adorable birthday gift as well)

Here are some Cute Halloween amigurumi patterns:

  1. Eyeball Ice Cream – Not Your Yiyas Crochet
  2. Little Crochet Monsters – IlDikko
  3. Percival the Plague Doctor – Alpakka Designs
  4. Amigurumi Candy Corn – Grace and Yarn
  5. Halloween Bat Pattern – Ollie + Holly

Little Crochet Ghosts

Amigurumi ghosts are such a cute addition to your spooky decorations. I personally love cute little kawaii amigurumi ghosts. You know, the kind with blush and a little smile. Oh! I could die!

Free crochet ghost pattern to make your own cute boo baby today!

  1. Halloween Ghost Patterns – Valentina Voskovniuk
  2. Ghost Amigurumi – Spin a Yarn Crochet
  3. Crochet Ghost Amigurumi – Evelyn and Peter Crochet
  4. Amigurumi Ghost Boo – Diana Patskun
  5. Ghost Appliques – Knits and Knots by AME
  6. Crochet Halloween Ghost Pattern – Knitting Knitty

Skeleton crochet pattern

Finally, we need skeletons! Whenever I think of skeletons, I remember a little halloween boy I worked with who loved the children’s song “Dem Bones (Skeleton Dance)”.

Skeletons are a staple halloween decoration. Did you know you can buy gigantic yard skeletons at Lowe’s (or was it Home Depot? hmmm). Crazy! People really go all in on their Halloween yard decorations.

  1. Amigurumi Skeleton Doll – Little Owls Hut
  2. Amigurumi Pirate Skeleton – Nomad Knot
  3. Crochet Skeleton – Vera Malkova
  4. Crochet Skeleton Pattern – Pink Pumpkin Studio
  5. Sugar Skull Amigurumi – Spin a Yarn Crochet

Now it’s time to host the best DIY Halloween party on the block!

Looking for more patterns? Make sure to check out all of my beginner friendly patterns here where you can find garments, amigurumi, and accessories.

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That’s all for now my maker friend! Remember, never miss a stitch by subscribing to my newsletter. See you next time!



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