12+ Best Coboo Yarn Crochet Patterns for Summer

Got extra Coboo Yarn looking for the perfect crochet pattern to use it? Search no more, this post compiles the best Coboo yarn crochet patterns to make finding your next project a breeze. 

Summer is my favorite time of the year to make things. I love working with lightweight yarn, especially natural fibers! Though it takes longer to work up, I love how simple stitches like single crochet and double crochet stitches still produce a nice drape without the density when using thinner yarn. More intricate and involved stitch patterns like lace, shells, cables, etc are well defined without big gaps too. 

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What is Coboo yarn?

Coboo yarn has become wildly popular in the yarnisphere as one of the best summer yarn to crochet with. It is a light weight bamboo-cotton blend yarn from Lion Brand Yarn. This yarn is a great option for summer tops with generous yardage and at a great price point. Bamboo yarn is naturally very soft, giving it a nice smooth touch to the skin and producing beautiful drape. Cotton yarn is known to be the best yarn for warm weather and general wear and tear because of its ability to absorb moisture. With Lion Brand Coboo yarn you get the best of both worlds!

Coboo yarn is definitely a summer yarn.  It is perfect blend of nature’s finest plant-based fibers and innovative eco-friendly design. With its plush softness and green credentials, Coboo yarn is the perfect choice for warm weather garments. 

Crochet Summer Garments made with Coboo Yarn

Let’s jump right into the list! For your convenience, I have linked the designs to their kits and/or patterns. Good news, most of these patterns are offered for free on the designers websites! The list features some of the best free crochet patterns out there so make sure to save this post as we add on to it when new crochet patterns made with Coboo yarn is discovered. 

1. Jasper Coverup

The Jasper coverup is a granny square sweater pattern made with Lion Brand’s Coboo yarn. The coverup is quick to make so you could be lounging in this lightweight sweater on the beach in no time!

3. Sandbar Top

The Sandbar Top is a beginner friendly boho crochet summer top made with wavy filet stitches and an easy lace bottom. The top is made with side to side construction and in sizes XS-4X.

2. Nooeh Pullover

​Nooeh stems from the Hawaiian word for rainbow “anuenue”. The sweater features flared sleeves with rainbow stripes (you can always use different colors). The entire sweater uses easy stitches and color changes making it a great beginner project.

Nooeh Pullover

3. Summer Splendour Cardigan – A Crocheted Simplicity

This summer cardigan is one of the must have handmade pieces in any wardrobe. Designed using Coboo yarn, this cardigan is the perfect summer cardigan to pair with a dress.

Credits: A Crocheted simplicity

4. Perfect Crochet T-Shirt – Originally Lovely

The name says it all! This is the perfect project for beginners who want to make a shirt for the first time.

Credits: Originally Lovely

5. Nexus Cardigan – Make and Do Crew

Next up is the Nexus Cardigan. This cardigan has a relaxed fit making it great for casual outfits, lounging at home, or the perfect gift that anyone would love.

Credits: Make and Do Crew

6. Aruba Tunic – TL Yarn Crafts

Beautiful filet crochet top for an airy sweet summer tee. This versatile top pattern can be worn and styled as a beach coverup or over inner wear for a more casual look.

Credits: TL Yarn Crafts

7. Topaz tee – Two of Wands

Two of Wands’ Polished Collection released on the Lion Brand website a few years ago features some of the best summer designs I have ever seen! Don’t worry about searching, I have the best of them listed here! First off is the Topaz Tee, a mesh top that looks is trendy and functional using good yarn.

Credits: Two of Wands

8. Box Top – Woods and Wool  

This  cob yarn pattern features fillet stitch details on throughout the main body. Using a lighter weight yarn for a box top like this one creates a relaxed and airy summer garment that you will end up wearing over and over again.

Credits: Woods and Wool

9. Tulip Square Top – Wilmade

This simple pattern from Wilma uses granny squares seamed together to make a cute and quick summer top. This is a great Coboo yarn pattern that does not require much yarn.

Credits: Wilmade

10. Diamonds in the Sky Tank Top – Journey Chanel Designs

The Diamonds In The Sky Tank Top is a dreamy crochet summer top that features chain and picot stitches creating diamond shapes for a little bit of character to the trendy mesh design. 

Credits: Journey Chanel Designs/Lion Brand Yarn

11. Maria Top – Originally Lovely

The Maria Top is a top down seamless summer top using granny stitches and a beautiful combination of colors. I love the colors on this top that gives a retro feel.

Credits: Originally Lovely

12. Quartz Pullover – Two of Wands

Second on this list from Two of Wands’ Polished Collection, the Quartz Pullover shows off what bamboo fibers are all about with its remarkable drape.

Credits: Two of Wands

Alternatives to Coboo Yarn

Don’t have enough Coboo Yarn for these projects? No worries! The good thing is, you absolutely do not need Coboo to make these patterns. You would only need a similar weight yarn to make these.

Coboo is quite similar to two other lines from Lion Brand yarn: Truboo yarn and Nuboo yarn (discontinued).

Truboo is a lightweight yarn and 100% rayan from bamboo.  I have designed with both Coboo and Truboo and must say that they are very similar indeed. However, if you feel the fibres carefully and observe how they are worked up, you will notice that Coboo is a little more stiff. This is because of the cotton properties in the yarn making is better for absorption. 

Truboo, as you might have guessed is smoother with insane drape. I found that Truboo creates a fabric that is glossier and heavier. 

Lion Brand Yarn also came out with a 24/7 Cotton DK. This yarn is 100% cotton, so on the other spectrum of Coboo in comparison to Truboo. Basically is 24/7 cotton dk and Truboo had a baby, it would be Coboo. haha I personally really like 24/7 Cotton DK! It works into light fabric with beautiful stitch definition. 

Lastly, outside of the Lion Bran Yarn family, I would recommend Rico Baby cotton soft dk. I used this yarn for my Siffleur Box Top and I must say though it is a 100% cotton yarn, it is very soft much like Coboo. This yarn has has great airflow, absorbent, and light.

There you have the best Coboo yarn crochet patterns!

I hope you found your next project with this list of Coboo Yarn Crochet Patterns and thanks for visiting! This post is constantly being updated with new crochet patterns so make sure to save it!

Want to try out some patterns? Make sure to check out all of my beginner friendly patterns here where you can find garments, amigurumi, and accessories.

Want to see more summer crochet patterns?


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