81+ Best Free Crochet Sweater Patterns to Make in 2023

This post is a curated list of free crochet sweater patterns. Crochet sweaters are a staple during colder months. Each year I like to make a new perfect addition to my handmade wardrobe.

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The best thing about this list is how easy it is it’s divided into different kinds of sweaters to make it extra easy for you to navigate.

The sweater categories in this blog post include:

  • Original KKAME Designs
  • Crochet Sweaters with Colorwork
  • Textured Sweaters
  • Cowl and Turtleneck Sweaters
  • Sweater dresse
  • Hooded sweaters
  • Casual Everyday Sweaters
  • Loose and Oversized Sweaters
  • Sweater Vests
  • Patchwork and Granny Square sweaters
  • Wrapped Sweaters

There are so many designers and crochet sweater patterns out there, choosing one can easily become overwhelming. That is why I put together this curated list of crocheted sweaters I personally love! And – because you are here and have excellent taste – I know you will love too!

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Crochet Sweater Patterns
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Some of these patterns require you to change colors. See my post about how to seamlessly change colors in crochet to get that flawless transition.

Original Crochet Sweater Patterns by Knits and Knots by AME

First, I would like to thank Lion Brand Yarn for providing me with the perfect yarn for these designs. You may also want to check out my list of the Best Yarn for Crochet Sweaters.

All of these designs are made with simple construction and basic stitches. These patterns are great for beginners who want to try making a sweater for the first time.

  1. Louis Belle Pullover
  2. Arnica Sweater
  3. Riverside Sweater
  4. Wanderlust Sweater
  5. Nooeh Pullover
  6. Fiddle Sweater

Crochet Sweater Patterns with Colorwork

Colorwork is a more intermediate to advanced crochet skill level. Mixing different colors and playing around with hues can really bring a basic sweater to life. Although it does take some time to get used to, if you master how to work with multiple colors, you can make some beautiful patterns! Here are some great pattern options to start playing around with colorwork.

  1. My Beginner Colorwork Sweater by E’Claire Makery
  2. Cedar Island Sweater by Rohn Strong
  3. Birds of Feathers Pullover by Designs by Phanessa
  4. Pizza my Heart Sweater by E’Claire Makery
  5. Snowflake Sweater by By Katerina
  6. Snowfall Raglan by A Purpose and a Stitch
  7. Gem Tones Pullover by Coco Crochet Lee
  8. Bandia Sweater by Bella Coco Crochet
  9. Wild About You Sweater by OTH Crochet Nook

Textured Crochet Sweater Patterns

Textured crochet is starting to become my favorite kind of designs. The fun thing is, you can use textured stitches with different yarn weights and create nice lacey designs for warmer weather. Take note, always make sure to make a gauge swatch before doing anything – especially a textured sweater. This is because the tension when working with a variety of combined stitches can vary a lot between makers.

When working with texture, blocking can make a big difference. Simply wash and lay on a flat surface to dry or steam block. Blocking helps even out raised portions like those in beautiful puff stitch braids.

  1. Stoney Shore Sweater by Evelyn and Peter
  2. Rhiannon Sweater by The Hook Nook
  3. Pebble Creek Sweater by Evelyn and Peter
  4. Cloud 9 Cropped Sweater by Meg Made with Love
  5. Juniper Sweater by Crochet with Carrie
  6. Gansey Sweater by The Crochet Fox
  7. Lee’s Sweater by Coco Crochet Lee
  8. Pineapple Crown Sweater by The Plush Pineapple
  9. Bead Stitch Pullover by Knitcro Addict
  10. Dottie Sweater by Stitch Berry
  11. Grace Sweater by Crochet with Carrie
  12. Cream Puff Sweater by OTH Crochet Nook
  13. Crisscross Stitch Sweater by Knitcro Addict

Cowl and Turtleneck Crochet Sweaters

These sweaters are beautiful and functional for those who get extra cold. I know I love a good high neck sweater! These are usually simple sweater with added rows around the neck for snugglery patterns. Find your next easy crochet pattern below:

  1. Snowbound Pullover by Make and Do Crew
  2. Mysa Sweatshirt Sweater by One Dog Woof
  3. Willow Sweater by Evelyn and Peter
  4. Crochet Cozy Turtleneck Sweater by Crochet with Carrie
  5. Crochet Turtleneck Sweater by Knitcro Addict
  6. Turtley Awesome by OTH Crochet Nook
  7. Meadow Pullover by Lulo Stitch Co.

Crochet Sweater Dress Patterns

Sweater dresses are a great choice for outings like fall-winter parties. You can use your favorite crochet sweater patterns and modify them to become dresses by adding rows to the bottom. Positive ease is usually added for dresses as they are made using bulky yarn and we want to avoid a tight fit or stiff look. Sweater dresses make absolute stunning attire!

  1. Diamonds Sweater Dress by By Katerina
  2. Willa Sweater Dress by Stitch Berry
  3. Kensington Sweater Dress by Lulo Stitch Co
  4. Coconut Macaron Sweater Dress by Mj’s Off the Hook Designs
  5. Blackout Sweater dress by Knits n’ Knots WPG

Hooded Crochet Sweaters/ Crochet Hoodies

Hoodies have a more modern look and laid back feeling. I love the simple style and coziness of hoodies which are now also very trendy crochet sweater patterns. Here are some great patterns for crocheted hoodies:

  1. Happy at Home Hoodie by Evelyn and Peter
  2. Sherpa Hoodie by Make and Do Crew
  3. Blairwood Sweater by Coco Crochet Lee
  4. Riverside Pullover by Knits and Knots by AME
  5. Millie Melody by Coco Crochet Lee
  6. Crochet Hoodie by Knitcro Addict

Casual Everyday Crochet Sweater Patterns

Sometimes we just need to throw something on but still want to look cute and warm. A simple crochet sweater that is also elegant and charming is the right choice for these types of occasions. This list has a variety of sweaters that are all a good choice for someone wanting to maker their first sweater. Each is a beautiful pattern with basic crochet stitches made for a perfect fit.

  1. Autumn Belle Sweater by Evelyn and Peter
  2. Plume Sweater by One Dog Woof
  3. Aria Button Cardigan by For the Frills
  4. Louis Belle Pullover by Knits and Knots by AME
  5. Porto Sweater by By Katerina
  6. Tolorraine Sweater by Coco Crochet Lee
  7. April Sweater by Originally Lovely
  8. Home Girl Sweater by Meg Made with Love
  9. Nooeh Pullover by Knits and Knots by AME

Loose and Oversized Crochet Sweaters

You can never go wrong in this kind of cozy sweater! Everyone loves a good comfy sweater and I got you covered with the perfect slouchy crochet sweater pattern.

A slouchy sweater is a good choice for a crochet beginner because there is a lot of room for forgiveness when it comes to fitting. These sweaters also use basic stitches and simple shapes, making them an easy crochet sweater with minimal seaming. Note: not all patterns in this list is beginner friendly.

  1. Caryopsis Sweater by By Katerina
  2. Gum Drop Pullover by MJ’s Off the Hook Designs
  3. Cold Brew Sweater by By Katerina
  4. Wanderlust Sweater by Knits and Knots by AME
  5. Sunset Sweater by By Katerina

Patchwork and Granny Square sweaters

Patchwork and granny squares are for more experienced crocheters. They are really trendy now and fun to make. It is really amazing to put one of these together and how you can make an entire piece with connecting simple motifs or squares.

The good news is, this list below of free crochet patterns are simple enough for beginners to try:

  1. Pane Sweater by By Katerina
  2. Twinkling Granny Square Sweater by Mezza Craft
  3. Granny Square Cardigan by Originally Lovely

Simple Crochet Sweaters

Here are some simple yet beautiful sweaters. These sweaters are great for beginner and experienced crocheters to make in little time. This list varies with the type of construction with top down and bottom up sweaters.

  1. Sigfrid Sweater by Lady Jay Crochet
  2. Pemberley Pullover by Evelyn and Peter
  3. Celestial Sweater by Make and Do Crew
  4. Rainie Sweater by Meghan Makes Do
  5. Highline Sweater by One Dog Woof
  6. My Velvety Pullover by Mama in a Stitch
  7. Spruce Trail Pullover by Hooked Hazel
  8. Someday Sweater by For the Frills
  9. Amalfi Sweater by For the Frills
  10. Dreamer Sweater by For the Frills
  11. Sprinkles Sweater by By Katerina
  12. Fall Pullover by Knitcro Addict

Striped Sweaters

Here are great striped patterns for those who want to try working on color changes. Leaving a long tail while changing colors makes it easier to weave in the ends as you go.

  1. Retro Stripes Sweater by Meg Made with Love
  2. The Bright Side Sweater by OTH Crochet Nook
  3. Foliage Sweater by Stitch Berry
  4. Breton Sweater by For the Frills

Crochet Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are another trendy item that we are seeing a lot of lately. Although they are not full sweaters, they are great layering pieces for those nights out.

  1. Checkerboard Sweater Vest by Hayhay Crochet
  2. Best Dressed Vest by OTH Crochet Nook

Wrap Sweaters

Lastly, wrap sweaters. These are sweaters that has a unique construction that wraps or crosses over the body. They are a great addition to have for parties and when you need to dress up a little.

  1. Wrap me in Love by Katerina
  2. Easy crochet Wrap Top by Madeleine Shirley Crafts
  3. Arnica Sweater by Knits and Knots by AME

You now have a new crochet sweater!

Looking for more patterns? Make sure to check out all of my beginner friendly patterns here where you can find garments, amigurumi, and accessories.

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Want more crochet sweater patterns?

That’s all for now my maker friend! Remember, never miss a stitch by subscribing to my newsletter. See you next time!



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