Crochet Items that Sell Best in 2023

Want to know what are crochet items that sell best? This post goes through best selling crochet items that your should be selling on Etsy, at Craft Shows, an Online Stores through Social media.

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what crochet items sell

Crochet items that sell best on Etsy

Etsy is a handmade marketplace where handmade businesses often start to make extra money. The platform has the potential to help craft businesses reach more customers and grow their businesses to full time jobs.

In all honesty, selling on Etsy does have a lot of competition. BUT it is a global marketplace with millions of shoppers on the platform. If you set up your shop properly and treat it like a job (as you should), success is 100% possible.

I use Craft Inspector to quickly help me find what is selling at the moment in my niche and get detailed information ALL IN ONE screen about the listings. Craft Inspector is a one time cost software that easily helps you do keyword research and analyze competition in your niche to help you grow your Etsy shop.

If you own an Etsy shop, these items are best sellers on the platform for crochet.

  1. Handmade crochet items – you can sell finished object that are large or small on the platform. The beauty of this is, you are in control with what you decide to sell. If you want to sell large finished objects like a crocheted cardigan, you have the option to list it at the price you set. You can also choose to list quick finished projects like adult crochet hats, crochet baby hats, mittens, booties, etc. I sell amigurumi on my Etsy shop. Skies the limit!
  2. Your own patterns of handmade items – Etsy is a great place for any crochet designer to share their original digital patterns. If you are a crochet designer, here is a template you can use to start sharing and selling your own patterns. Designing already takes so much time, get some time back with made-for-you templates that are easy to customize to get your patterns on the platform ASAP.

Some hot crochet patterns now are:

  1. halter top patterns
  2. amigurumi patterns
  3. blanket patterns
  4. sweater patterns
  5. cardigan patterns

Crochet items that sell best during Craft Shows

What are craft shows? These are local craft fairs are in person events that happen seasonally. Some markets have year round schedules as well and some even have a permanent/designated building where vendors pay rent for a space.

These events are great to show off and sell crochet crafts while connecting with people in your community. These shows are honestly one of the best ways to create genuine relationships and find other businesses within your vicinity to collaborate with.

They also provide your potential customer the opportunity to have a closer look at your craftmanship and story before making a purchase. So many buyers still prefer in person shopping rather than online.

Best selling crochet items for in person events:

  1. Smaller items – you need to build up inventory and crochet can be so time consuming. This is why smaller items are ideal for in person events. I would make the bulk of my sales through smaller items like amigurumi. Amigurumi usually attracts children which draw parents to your booth as well.
  2. Crocheted items for different seasons – craft shows are often done seasonally and shoppers already have an idea of the things they will see and are looking to buy. Seasonal items like ear warmers, Easter basket fillers, Fall cozies, winter hats, etc. are all great crochet projects to add to your inventory
  3. Value based products – since you are selling in person, this is a great way to touch on your buyers values. It is also an opportunity to talk to them, let them know who you are and how your values align. For example, eco-friendly shoppers would like to purchase things like Soap savers, Market Bags, reusable cotton pads, Dish cloths, etc.

Crochet items that sell best through social media and online shops

Your social media should link to your online store! Do not send traffic from social to Etsy or other platforms. That traffic is your hard earned customer base and should be directed to your own website.

An online store is a great way for established small businesses to take control of their business and allow them to maximize profit margins for high demand items.

Digital marketing is a must if you decide to sell on your own website as you won’t have a built in audience like you have on Etsy. This is where social media plays a great roll and learning about advertising. Having a little business does require full time work.

Social media is a great way to showcase your crochet products, connect with your target audience, and even generate custom orders. It is a great place to show off wearable items and unique products.

This is where crochet designers shine and build their loyal customer base. Video and pictures on social media is an extra place where you can build brand awareness and showcase your crochet patterns.

In addition to brand awareness, social media is such a great place to make money through affiliate links. Link to everything you use in your patterns – skein of yarn, hooks, notions, even those cute scissors!

Different ways to sell crochet on social media:

  1. Free crochet patterns – okay. a free pattern will not make you money BUT people will most likely find your link to the free pattern instead of following it through the social media app. This will give you ad revenue as they visit your site for the free pattern. You also have the potential to earn a commission through affiliate links for the items you use on that free pattern
  2. Trendy items – social media is a place where trends start and spread. The algorithm favors trends and share it to more and more people. By crocheting trendy items you could get eyeballs on your work and generate some orders.
  3. Unique designs – if you make one of a kind, show stopping items, then social media is the place for you! This is because people will not search for what they don’t know exist using Google or Etsy. Social media will help spread awareness on your brand and style so they can discover more through your shop link.

There you have it! All the best crochet items to sell!

Now it’s time to make some money! Make sure to check out all of my free pattern to find inspiration to grow your inventory here crochet patterns.

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