Lion Brand Yarn Jeans and all about Yarn Day!

Happy yarn day!

Yes, I did make that up. Thursday is officially – well in my world – yarn day!

I was thinking about something special I can do for my blog and that can provide a little bit of consistency as well and I spent the whole day (or at least all the time I spent driving) thinking about what I could do. I thought about all the things I love and what my readers could relate to and/or benefit from…

Family? I don’t have kids.

Reading? Maybe not everyone loves – or has the time to.

Mental health? maybe, maybe.

Coffee?! not everyone drinks it

I thought about what I was really passionate about and I remembered writing my blog post about the Cameron Coverup and how excited I got while I was working on the post. (read it here, I swear, I was soooo excited!) Then it hit me! YARN!!

Plain old Yarn at its best. After all, this is a blog about my footsteps as a designer. There were no “maybes” or “mehs” about the idea once it came to mind and I decided to make yarn the constant in this blog. Where fellow makers could read about what I think about the different yarn I use and projects I tried with it every other week. I am so excited to start the many many yarn days!


I just needed to get that out of me.

Okay to kick off the start of many Yarn Days I want to begin with my latest obsession: Lion Brand Jeans.

Lion Brand’s Jean collection comes in three different categories:


Jeans features more denim like colors and colors you would find in the typical denim section of any store.

Jeans Colors

A spinoff to the classic Jeans however in more colors. What I love about these colors is that Lion Brand did not go too crazy in color options and settled with more subtle colors that pair well with just about anything. Because let’s be honest, that’s the magic behind denim wear anyways am I right?

Cotton Jeans

This one is a part of the LB Collection which is exclusively only available on the Lion Brand Yarn website.To get to the LB Collection simply go to Yarn > Shop all yarn > Yarn Category > LB Collection. I have not had the pleasure of working with Cotton Jeans yet, although I really hope to sometime soon.

The yarn is made with specks of white which makes it look like it has a denim texture – making it wonderful for garments. Jeans and Jeans Colors are 100% acrylic which makes it affordable (yahooo big plus for my budgeted pocket haha). It also come in a very reasonable amount of 246 yards.

I am currently working on a knitted top with Jeans Colors in Corduroy and it is absolutely stunning. When I began working with this yarn I was so shocked with how smooth and soft the yarn felt in my hand. I literally squished it in my hands just for comfort every now and then while beginning the project. It is just amazingly soft!

I found that the yarn strands would split while working with it and accidentally poking through the yarn would easily separate the strands but it never caused a problem, once worked up it goes right into place like it spun itself up – I am telling you, MAGIC!

My next project with this yarn would be a crocheted and I am absolutely excited to see how it works up. This yarn just has a real good feel to it comes together really beautifully. Well what about taking a part? I do have an answer for that! I did need to frog 20+ rows of my knitted piece and the yarn came out nicely, as if it was never used.

This yarn definitely bumped it’s way to the top of my favorite list and it was literally love at first touch. If you have not tried Lion Brand Jeans yet, then I guess you have some exploring to do 🙂

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